Pony Cycle -Medium



A BEST SELLER!  Every child wants our Pony Cycle and every kid at heart will hop on for a ride at least once (trust us! We know!)

PonyCycle appeals to children's imagination- and looks and feels like a real pony! The ponies are designed for comfort, stability and high-performance.  They come with a safety hand brake, built-in wheel stability and lifelike pony sound.

• FEATURES - PonyCycle toy simulates riding on a real pony also steers left and right. Pony Cycle does not go backwards for safety. 
• FUN - For indoor and outdoor use (Best on solid, level surfaces such as concrete and hardwood floors)
• BREAK FUNCTION – Designed with a hand break, brings the pony to a secure stop.
• REALISTIC SOUND – Electronic neighing and galloping sounds when button pressed.

Age range: 4-9 years old
Weight limit: 88 lbs
Product size:33*15.8*38.2in