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Welcome to Vanner House

Vanner House is a luxury, swoon worthy, curated collection of equestrian lifestyle brands (with a pop of whimsy).

It is our sincere hope that you adore the collection as much as we do, that our store brings you great joy, and that our designs and curated collections result in many, many  “I can’t believe how much I love this” heart- palpitation moments!

Happy Treasure Hunting!!

Kristan Cicero, Founder of fun/CEO
Sophia Garceau, VP & Queen of Everything
Dreamer (Kristan's Vanner Horse and inspiration for the boutique)
Daisy Dukes (Kristan's mare and Dreamer's bestie- usually)
Tully (Kristan's cat who is annoyed that he is not on the logo)
& The Entire AMAZING Vanner House Team

Equestrian Lifestyle
We love horses

Meet Kristan

Kristan founded Vanner House (previously known as Gypsy Dreams Equestrian Boutique) in 2021. Her love of horses, beautiful finds, and sharing what she loves with others are the inspiration and heart behind her boutique. She sincerely hopes that you love the Vanner House collection and that the treasures you find bring you and/or your gift recipient great joy!  

A Few of Our Collections


We offer luxurious, unique statement pieces. You will truly stand out in a crowd by choosing our bags, hats, scarves or footwear.


Simple outfits turned fabulous in a matter of seconds with our unique equestrian jewelry collection.


Celebrate your love of horses with our uniquely curated equestrian lifestyle home collection.

Have Fun Shopping With Us!

Vanner House is a swoon-worthy equestrian lifestyle boutique. We love popping up at the best horse shows in the US and meeting all of YOU, our fellow horse loving friends.

We promise to always provide the BEST shopping experience and lots of laughs. How will you find our boutique if you don't have a map?...

You'll hear Sophia's infectious giggle (sometimes while popping bubbly that she "hides" in our horse-head wine cooler), and see Kristan dancing, riding a Pony Cycle, or delighting the crowd with impromtu puppet shows.

If you're not HAPPY after a visit to our boutique, we aren't happy! Come join the party.... Vanner Style!

Welcome to the Herd!

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